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Do you want to book extra activity in addition to your conference package?

It can make a wonderful change to swap your conference seat for an exciting activity. Book a boat trip and experience a seal safari or book a session with Tobias at Trålverket, who can teach you all about opening oysters.

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Oysters and bubbly

Tobias at Trålverket will show you how to open oysters and tell you about our oysters and why oysters and bubbly are such an unbeatable combination. Excellent to combine with dinner as a starter.


Seal safari

Gunnars Båtturer will take you out into the archipelago to visit one of the seal colonies around Marstrand. The trip takes you through Marstrand harbour and the Albrektsund Canal before you reach Sälöfjorden with its seal colonies. Onboard, we tell you about the local area and its history. We can also serve drinks during the excursion if required.


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