Authentic and modern.

There are 10 comfortable and mdern double rooms in an authentic environment. The rooms are located in a villa, a apartment, a cottage and a floor in the vicinity of the conference facility.

The House

The house has 8 beds in 4 rooms,a large equipped kitchen,

two toilets, one of which is a badroom.

The Apartment

The apartment have 2 beads in 1 room. Fully equipped kitchen and a toilet with shower, the apartment is connected to the house.

The cottage

The cottage have 5 beds in 3 rooms, fully equipped kitchen a toilett and with shower, as well as a cozy fireplace.


The Floor

The floor has 5 beds in 3 room, fully equipped kitchen and a toilet with shower. Located on the mountain above the cottage.

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Dyrön Södra
Fiskeviksvägen 4
SE 471 43 DYRÖN Sweden
Phone + 46 706 77 58 55