Dyrön Södra

With open arms, in the middle of the sea.

With Dyrön Södra, Seafood & Conference, we share all our best with you.


You will reach Dyrön with our boats within 20 minutes. You will find our conference facility on the islands south port with a view over Marstrand and the horizon.


Seven comfortable and modern double rooms in genuine surroundings. The rooms are located in a house, apartment or cabin near the conference facility.



Pause the conference session by going on a exiting adventure. Perhaps a tour of Dyrön with our local guide, a boat trip to our nearby islands or a sauna with a fantastic view.

Dyrön Södra is a further development of Gunnars Båtturer.

Gunnars Båtturer have drifted passenger traffic in the waters around Marstrand Dyrön and Tjörn since the 1970s, and the demand to visit Dyrön has steadily increased over the years. Gunnars Båtturer has three ships and runs regular services to Dyrön, run school services for children on the islands around us and charter services for groups who want to experience our unique and beautiful archipelago.

About Dyrön

Dyrön, just north of Marstrand is one of Tjörn municipality’s six archipelago islands with year-round residents. Almost 190 permanent residents live here, but in the summer the island is filled with boat and summer guests.


Dyrön Södra – about us & contact

Dyrön Södra opened for the first time at Easter 2017. A dream came true of creating a place for meetings in Dyrön’s Södra harbor in connection with our boats.