About us

About us.

Dyrön Södra opened its gates for the first time in Easter 2017. We had long been dreaming of creating a meeting space near the southern harbour on Dyrön linked to our boats.

Dyrön Södra is an extension of the activities of Gunnars Båtturer. Gunnars Båtturer has been operating ferry passenger services around Marstrand, Dyrön and Tjörn since the 1970s, with Dyrön becoming an increasingly popular destination over the years.

Gunnars Båtturer has three vessels and operates regular services to Dyrön. school service to the surrounding islands ans charter services for partird looking to experience our unique and beautiful archipelago.

Thanks to Dyrön Södra, we are now better equipped to experience the island we love most of all, Dyrön, where everyone who works here lives and works.This is home to our families and our hearts. We are proud of our place on earth ans more than happy to share it with other people.

So, welcome to Dyrön – make yourself at home.

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Dyrön Södra
Fiskeviksvägen 4
SE 471 43 DYRÖN Sweden
Phone + 46 706 77 58 55