Dyrön Södra – about us & contact

Dyrön Södra opened for the first time at Easter 2017. A dream came true of creating a place for meetings in Dyrön’s Södra harbor in connection with our boats. Dyrön Södra is a further development of Gunnars Båtturer. Gunnars Båtturer have drifted passenger traffic in the waters around Marstrand Dyrön and Tjörn since the 1970s, and the demand to visit Dyrön has steadily increased over the years.

Gunnars Båtturer has three ships and runs regular services to Dyrön, run school services for children on the islands around us and charter services for groups who want to experience our unique and beautiful archipelago. Thanks to Dyrön Södra we know have created a better opportunity to offer our guests to experience the islands we love. Dyrön, where all the stuff’s working here also lives here. Here we have our families and our hearts.

We are proud of Dyrön and would love to share it with more people.


Annika Kristensson

0768-78 98 53

Kristin Wikström


Find to Dyrön

With car

Take the E6 in Kungälv towards Marstrand. Drive towards Marstrand about 15 km. Right before you drive up against the access bridge, you will take right. Rökan is the parking place under the bridge bracket on the mainland side. Road sign shows that a ferry leaves for Åstol. The parking lot has a payment machine for the summer season.

By public transport

Take Marstrandsexpressen from the Nils Ericsson terminal in Gothenburg. Alternatively, go with Bohusbanan to Ytterby station. Change to Marstrandsexpress for further travel towards Marstrand. The stop where you get off is called “Badplats Rökan”. Walk down under the bridge to the ferry dock.

We at Dyrön Södra – Seafood & Conference work with sustainability

We live on the island and work here – which creates jobs, we cooperate with the local store, restaurant and with the community association.

We at Dyrön Södra work actively to create a sustainable business for Dyrön, where we live and work. Our goal is to show off Dyrön as a place where we want to work and live and welcome more people to settle here or visit the island. We collaborate with other actors on the island so that everyone can operate on an annual basis.

We are also working to reduce car traffic – this by getting people to choose boat and bus/train on their journeys between the islands and Gothenburg. Gunnars Båtturer works together with Volvo Penta for the development of environmentally friendly machines.